All-American is offering Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Products!


Here at All-American, we are proud to supply communities across the country who are in need of supplies with only the best products available. We offer both Hand Sanitizer and Anolyte Disinfectant. Click on each to learn more information. 



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100% USA Made Product

We stand behind our products at All-American and are proud to know that all of our products come from the United States. With all seriousness, our products come for our State!

Why Choose Us?

All-American is a local business in south Louisiana that is here to support our community, as well as other communities. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and promise to uphold our side to keep a community safe and healthy.

Safety Data Sheet

Do not worry, all of the products offered on our website are 100% EPA and FDA approved. We can provide a Safety Data Sheet for reference.


If you are interested in purchasing bulk or know of a company that would be interested in purchasing bulk, please send us an email. We can send over the SDS and other information regarding our products. We will ship anywhere in the Country and will accomodate any size order with bulk pricing!