We are proud to announce the opening of our 46,000 square foot facility in New Iberia, Louisiana. When you use a qualified bottling company with a customer-centric focus like us, you can rest easy knowing that your product is being manufactured to the highest standards. We are happy to assist in your filling, labelling and packaging needs, as well as act as a distribution hub when needed. 

Air-conditioned Warehouse for Raw Materials/Goods

All raw materials, components and finished goods are stored in our fully air-conditioned and climate-controlled warehouse to maintain the quality and security of all products.

On-site Refrigerated Storage

We have a walk-in refrigerated storage area to house products that may need to be warehoused in a cooler, climate-controlled area.

24,000 Gallons of Tank Storage

We have two tanks totaling 24,000 gallons to accommodate our customer's production needs.


Liquid Filling Line

We currently have one liquid filling line in place with the ability to fill bottle sizes ranging from 0.75 oz to 32 oz. We are planning to soon add another line that can fill bottles up to 1 gallon (128 oz) in size.

State of the Art Labeler

Our labeler can label bottles of all shapes, ranging in size from 0.75 oz to 1 gallon (128 oz), with the ability to label both the front and back of bottles, as well as and wrap around labels.


Our facility is currently registered with the EPA and FDA. We are currently in the process of obtaining our GMP and ISO 9001 certifications to expand our capabilities. We anticipate that happening by the end of August 2021.